About Our Web-to-print Delivery

MyHub our web-to-print software solution, gives you access to an online cloud platform where you can easily edit documents via a web browser that provides huge flexibility whilst maintaining brand consistency.

It is a complete end-to-end package that includes print, online design, workflow automation and digital marketing capabilities.

What are the advantages of Web-to-Print?

  • Workflow efficiencies saving your organisation time and money.
  • Creative freedom within brand guidelines.
  • Higher engagement with customers with personalisation and targeted marketing.
  • Online ordering and access 24/7.

How does Web-to-Print work?

  • We know from experience that our client’s web-to-print requirements and objectives differ considerably. Scanplus will work closely with you at all stages of development to help streamline and tailor your online print portal to deliver and exceed your expectations.
  • Once the platform is established you can choose to give your staff login access to as many of the user features as you wish: editing, approval and ordering.
  • Templates are created to ensure that variable data can be changed while all generic design information including logos and branding remain consistent.
  • Personalisation of image fields, text fields, borders, shadows and many other features are easily achievable.
  • This simple e-commerce platform combines with our variable data systems technology to import and merge your personalised web-to-print data to provide personalised print from business card through mailing letters to printed brochures.
  • Unlimited logins for your web-to-print portal for nominated employees.
  • Set your own permissions to give specific staff authority to place orders.
  • Stunning storefront home pages for your organisation.
  • Instant online proofing.
  • Accessible on any device.
  • Works with unique URLs.

Web-to-Print FAQs

  • We have a series of product brochures which we think could be suitable for web-to-print but what areas can be personalised within the template?

    There is a lot of flexibility within template building to house variable data areas. This is not only restricted to copy, you can change images, background colours and styling if required. A key point when creating web-to-print templates is to think ahead to make sure that the variable data fields cover all eventualities that your web-to-print users may need further down the line.

  • What type of organisation is this web-to-print most suitable for?

    The online software portal is suitable for all types of businesses. Scanplus, in the main, runs systems for end clients; retail chains, corporates, financial industries, property companies and design agencies. But the suitability of the web-to-print software suitability is largely dependent on the driving factors behind each customers specific needs. For larger companies the main benefits tend to be based around breaking down barriers, brand consistency, ease of access and streamlining print orders. For smaller businesses reducing costs are frequently a high priority.

  • We potentially would have all staff using this web-to-print facility to order our business cards at our multiple offices. Can we set this up to get approval from a senior staff member before an order goes through?

    Yes indeed, for each product it can have its own approval process. So, for example an authorised staff member can login and order the business cards but that then sends an approval request to their manager. This way you can control exactly what is being ordered and can monitor use.

  • We run a B2C site for posters and would like to allow customers to be able to edit everything rather than follow a template, is that possible?

    Yes with our innovative MyHub web-to-print software we can provide a ‘blank canvas’. You can create your artwork from scratch using the design software on the portal. We follow this principle for our RecordSleeve web-to-print site where users have full flexibility to create and save their design prior to ordering bespoke printed record sleeves.

  • Will users be able to save their customised templates or have to start and complete in one sitting?

    Users will be able to save their current project to their basket and log back in at a later time and continue.

  • Do all templates have to end up being printed as we do a lot of digital seminars for our clients?

    No, we can also set up an option on the checkout that means you can select a downloadable file for web use rather than print. It is about setting up your web-to-print portal for your marketing requirements to make sure it works for your organisation across a number of platforms.

  • Can you do an online demonstration to help train staff?

    Yes indeed we can help with an online demonstration of the web-to-print software or a face to face meeting at your office. Contact one of the team today and let us discuss your requirements to see how we can help!

  • What products are suitable to go on a web-to-print portal?

    Most printed items, Products would include brochures, leaflets, posters, invitations, postcards, business cards, roller banners, greetings cards, catalogues, stickers and labels, books and more. Just get in contact with one of the team and we can talk you through the options in full.