Variable Data Printing

About Our Variable Data Printing services

Direct marketing has always been an acceptable method of expanding a customer base, but in order to be successful it is important that the content resonates with the recipient. Indeed, the best way to get attention, engage an audience and interest an individual in any informational campaign is with a personalised message.

Traditionally, in an effort to engage an individual, mail merge was used to personalise the greeting and address when creating a multi-destination document. That is to say, from a single template and simply structured data source it was possible to make small changes to focus on the recipient, although the visual design remained the same. A more advanced method of variable printing used ‘versioning’, where customisation was based on group parameters with variable images and variable text depending on the segment of the market being addressed. However the latest variable data printing technology has revolutionised the way that businesses and organisations are now able to engage their target audience.

It is now possible to enhance campaign messages with variable images, variable text and variable colour in order to create unique content that will resonate with an individual target, rather than a collective audience. By allowing changes to be made as the item is produced, variable data printing provides the opportunity to increase relevance and improve response. In short, rather than sending 10,000 copies of a single document to 10,000 people, it is possible to create 10,000 personalised documents with a customised message and unique content for each individual – all whilst retaining the core marketing theme.

As experts in customised communication with over 25 years of flawless service, Scanplus Print Group of London excels in facilitating personalised, mass-target print campaigns. By building on the tradition of mail merge, and continuing to integrate all further technological advances, we have become forerunners in the field of variable printing and highly experienced in maximising the potential impact of each and every campaign.

If you would like to find out more about our variable data printing services, contact us. One of our in-house experts would be happy to help.