Printed Poster for Gregor McGuckin

Scanplus were privileged to produce a high quality sponsorship brochure for sportsman Gregor McGuckin who intends to compete in the Golden Globe Race 2018. An auspicious year, 2018 marks 50 years since the first ever person managed to achieve the feat of sailing solo, non-stop around the world in what was the original Golden Globe Race. In 1968, nine boats left the UK in a race to make history. Only one boat, skippered by Sir Robin Knox Johnston, made it to the finish line.

Fifty years on, the 2018 edition of this legendary race limits technology to what was available in the 1960’s. This means the competitors will have to navigate with a compass and sextant, using the stars and sun to pinpoint their position and harvesting rainwater in order to survive. It’s not a race for the fainthearted and will test competitors to their limits.

We are all hugely impressed with Gregor and confident that his determination, enthusiasm, ambition and immense skill will see him successfully through to the finish line.

You can chart his progress at and

Good luck Gregor!

The technical brief for this brochure was as follows:

Finished size: A4 Landscape.
Cover: 4 pages on Novatech Digital Silk FSC 300gsm.
Text: 20 pages on Novatech Digital Silk 150gsm.
Print in full colour throughout.
Fold, stitch, trim.
Turnaround time: 24 hours.
Scanplus used our expertise in print marketing to ensure the final brochure produced was not only of a high quality, but designed throughout to make it accessible and uncomplicated for individuals wishing to donate to Gregor. See a picture of the final product below.